Manage Users

User, Admin & Super admin 3 types of roles

User can view and download files; Admin can upload, edit and delete files; Super admin can upload, edit and delete files, including administration

our advantages

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  • Send upload notifications between users
  • Auto-send notifications for each activity, such as download, upload,etc.

Update profile

  • Change login password
  • Change profile pic
Notifications & Update profile

Notifications & Update profile

Folders and sub-folders

  • Easily manage folders and sub-folders with the panel
  • Folder tree navigation

Responsive layout

  • Enjoy FileEC in every devices


  • Translations editor
Folders, Internationalized & Responsive layout

Folders, Internationalized & Responsive layout

  • Upload progress
  • File backup
  • Audio player
  • Move files through directories
  • IP blacklist/whitelist
  • Customizable Logo, Header, Description, alerts
  • Custom E-Mail HTML templates
  • Custom administration panel color schemes
Other functions

Other functions

  • Folders download
  • Video player
  • Cope files through directories
  • Pretty links
  • Multi-language support
  • Quick image preview
  • Multiple roles with custom permissions
  • Optional Max available space per user
Other functions

Other functions